Outsourcing, Tender Development and Contingency Planning

Keeping everything in-house is certainly a past centrury practice. You know that already, but what are you going to do about it?  Talk to  major 3PLs and pick one? Based on what? Your needs or their capabilities? Do you understand your 3PL's network structure and client base? Do you choose one or the best for the service you need? How about their assets: are they rented or owned? How about their technological sophistication? Will you offer railway services? Is this is the best for you? What contracts do they have?  Do you tender or negotiate the old fashion way? How do you negotiate the best contract with a service provider?  Is the contract elastic enough to change with your dynamically changing needs?  We can help custom tailor a solution for you needs. We will be sitting at your side of the table. We help you develop a tender based on your needs to custom tailor the services you receive from service providers

We analyze and evaluate the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies on your industry

We analyze the risks of you supply chain and develop contingency plans